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  1. Today's headlines from The 5G Daily

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    5G is going to change the world. Find out how this exciting technology is going to reshape your industry at this year's Total Telecom Congress June 1st • The May update to STL Partners and Total Telecom's 5G-aliser shows the US-China trade war as a key driver for 5G development • Philippines operator Globe Telecom is still planning its 5G launch for the near future despite coronavirus delays • An extortionately priced USB stick claiming to protect your home from supposedly harmful 5G is being investigated as a scam by Trading Standards • Financially struggling OneWeb has requested the FCC allow it to launch more low-earth-orbit satellites to support 5G • T-Mobile says its 5G coverage now reaches 50 states    May 29th  • The UK is seeking to force a diplomatic alliance with ten countries to try and provide alternatives to Huawei's 5G technology. The countries selected are the G7, plus South Korea, India, and Australia • EE's 5G network expands to 80 UK cities • Proximus' interim 5G is being rolled out in 23 new communes in Flanders, but not in Brussels and Wallonia after these regions raised objections   May 27th • Another 5G mast has been torched, this time in Liverpool just days after its deployment • Satellite operator Intelsat has signed a written committment to clear the C-band spectrum in preparation for US 5G, as ordered by the FCC • SK Telecom has announced the creation of an autonomous 5G robot with OMRON Electronics to help perform contactless temperature screenings related to the coronavirus • Research funded by the US army has reportedly developed a 5G frequency switch that is more than 50-times as energy efficient than those currently on the market today  • South Korean telco KT has began introducing 5G autonomous carts at its smartphone warehouses • 5G disinformation is still spreading throughout the world, with Poland reporting two 5G masts torched in Lódz. Similar arson attacks are still taking place in the Uk, with reports of 5G mast set on fire in Derby over the weekend  …

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  2. Anti-5G USB stick scam under investigation

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    As always, where suggestible people are falling prey to misinformation, there are unscrupulous individuals waiting to take advantage of them for financial gain. Now, unfounded health fears surrounding 5G have seen scam products hit the shelves, claiming to protect people from the dangers of 5G.   One such device notably made headlines recently: the so-called 5GBioShield…

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  3. BT goes green with two new iniatives

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    When it comes to UK operators, BT has one of the more relaxed green targets, aiming to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2045. However, they are making excellent progress, notably reducing carbon emissions this year by almost 20%.   Now, they have announced plans to make further progress towards their goal…

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  4. The GSMA joins the O-RAN Alliance

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    The growing Open RAN technology got another boost on Thursday, when the GSMA agreed to collaborate with the O-RAN Alliance to drive the development and adoption of the technology.   “As the demand for data and vastly expanded mobile communications grow in the 5G era…

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  5. What are UK operators doing to support their customers during the COVID-19 pandemic?

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    Want to learn exactly how the coronavirus is affecting UK connectivity? Hear from the experts at this year's Connected Britain   May 28th   Vodafone has teamed up with Bernardo's to launch 'The Great British Tech Appeal', asking the public to donate unwanted smartphones and tablets which would then be redistributed to those most in need during the pandemic.   May 18th The UK government has announced that it is working with a range of network operators to provide deals for NHS workers and vulnerable people in society. Companies providing these special offers include Lycamobile, iD Mobil, Zzoomm, Ask4, Wightfibre, Spectrum, Community Fibre, Voneus, Tesco Mobile, Giffgaff, and the Post Office.      May 6th   Vodafone extends unlimited data for NHS and vulnerable customers for 6 months, with UK care workers now also eligible.   April 30th   Ofcom has revised its annual work schedule in the wake of the mass disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic.   Three has announced that NHS video consultations will not consume customer data and can be viewed even by those with no remaining data.   April 28th   Rural broadband provider B4RN partners with ZyXEL to provide free routers for 21 schools.   April 23rd    Glide had announced it will provide broadband free of charge for the 300–800 key workers scheduled begin work at the Nightingale hospital in Bristol currently being constructed.   April 22nd   O2 has donated £1 million to support the BBC's Big Night In raising money for vulnerable people affected by the coronavirus.   Co-ordinated by the Mobile Ecosystem Forum, Mobile UK and UK Finance, telcos have joined forces with banking and financing industries to try to tackle the recent boom in SMS related fraud, as scammers try to take advantage of coronavirus health messages.   April 21st   The UK National Cyber Security Service (NCSS) has reportedly taken down 2,000 coronavirus-related scams last month and today launched a 'Cyber Aware' campaign…

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