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  1. Today's headlines from The 5G Daily

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    5G is going to change the world. Find out how this exciting technology is going to reshape your industry at this year's Total Telecom Congress   August 11th • Czechia begins the tender process for its 5G auction after much delay. • LG U+ to roll out 5G-powered AR glass service with Nreal • US government has agreed to clear an additional 100 MHz of spectrum in the 3.5 Ghz range   August 10th • Qualcomm is lobbying the US government for a licence to sell Huawei microchips. The US company warns that billions of dollars from Huawei will be directed to its competitors as a result of US sanctions   • Indian operators are set to get the go ahead to begin 5G trials, but not for those using Chinese equipment   August 7th • SK Telecom and Microsoft are working together to bring 5G-supported cloud gaming to South Korea in September   August 6th • Total Telecom Webinar: Unlocking 5G's economic potential   August 5th • Italian operators Fastweb and Linkem expand partnership to work on 5G fixed wireless access  • Vodafone to build private 5G network for UK gas plant   June 24th • Hravski Telekom has selected Ericsson's Croatian arm, Ericsson Nikola Tesla, as its sole 5G RAN provider until 2024. • Etisalat has announced it will focus on non-standalone (NSA) 5G for the next 2 years before launching a standalone a standalone 5G network. • Verizon and Digital Catapult collaborate on 5G solutions for enterprisesnetwork.   June 22nd • Wind Tre set to launch 5G in 10 cities this year despite market disruption resulting from COVID-19. • NEC pitches itself as Huawei replacement in 5G rollout in Australia .   June 18th • Deutsche Telekom says 50% of the German population, around 40 million people, will be able to access their 5G network by mid-July • Ericsson's latest mobility report estimates 190 million 5G subscribers by the end of 2020, with the number rocketing to 2.8 billion by 2025.   June 17th • Qualcomm launches ‘world’s first’ 5G and AI-enabled robotics platform • The 5G-Virtuosa project completes initial technical IP-based studio set-up • IDC European Consulting's Angel Dobardziev suggests the telecoms industry is being too cautious with 5G, saying that "the mobile industry needs more ambition in both assessing and addressing the 5G opportunity"       June 16th • The US ambassador to Brazil says that discussions are being had regarding the US financing Brazil's 5G networks if they exclude Huawei. The diplomat says similar talks are being conducted in other countries around the world   June 15th • Nokia and Broadcom have announced they are collaborating on semiconductor technology &bull…

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  2. New Czech spectrum auction leaves space for new players

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    On Friday, the Czech Telecommunications Office (CTU) has began a tender process to award spectrum in the 700 MHz and the 3.4–3.6 GHz bands. Furthermore, 2x10 MHz of the 700 MHz band will be reserved for a new entrant in the market.   The auction has been a long time coming…

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  3. Better late than never: German operators clearing interim 4G coverage targets, avoiding fines

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    Back in 2015, the German regulator held a hotly contested 4G spectrum auction, which raised €5.08 billion. Part of the stipulations attached to the auction were that winning operators must provide at least 98% of households across the country with a minimum data rate of 50 Mbps by the 1st of January 2020…

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  4. India lights subsea cable linking mainland to remote Andaman & Nicobar Islands

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    Monday saw the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurate a submarine cable that stretches between Chennai, on India’s east coast, to the distant Andaman and Nicobar Islands, around 2,300 km to the east across the Bay of Bengal.   A project planned since 2018…

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  5. Qualcomm seeks licence to sell 5G chips to Huawei

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    When the Trump administration increased its sanctions against Huawei back in May, it was immediately clear that this would be a huge blow to the Chinese vendor. No longer able to use components from US companies, Huawei will be forced to look elsewhere for its semiconductor needs…

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